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SpiritKeepers NAC now accepts bitcoin for donations.

Thursday, May 31, 2018 - 12:30

You may have noticed if you signed up recently that we now accept bitcoin for donations.  We find the use of blockchain based donations to really be extremely well suited to donations to non-profits.  The blockchain for Bitcoin is a publicly available database that shows all transactions made to a wallet.  This means that anyone can now see our donations status in realtime.  This allows a level of transparency that no one can deny.

Want to see what we are doing right now? Visit - SpiritKeepers NAC.

We see this as a way to show our members and the world our commitment to walking right.

A lot of members may find bitcoin confusing at first.  You may just want to consider it like any other foreign currency, in that it requires an exchange (with an exchange rate) from US dollars or whatever your local currency may be.  The easiest way to obtain bitcoin, is to use a service such as BitPay.  This will allow you to make bank payments to your bitcoin wallet.  Bitpay makes it easy by having everything in one place, as well as having mobile apps for the iphone and android.

Detroit ONAC is now SpiritKeepers NAC.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018 - 20:18

We are proud to announce we are now chartered by the Tuscarora Signatory Tribe.  Tuscarora the word means "hemp gatherer".  They have a long history of using cannabis for medicine, clothing, and building material.  

We have been hard at work assuring that their is a smooth membership transition to the new name.  A lot of changes to the website are happening right now.  Please be patient as we settle into our new domain name.

Our new membership cards are beings printed this very moment.  You should be receiving them in the mail shortly.

Our new cards are QRcode Live Verify.  Upon presentation of your member ID, the party may can your QRcode on the front of your ID and be taken to our live membership database for verification.  This is an important step in securing our membership ID from fraud or abuse.


If you have not received a card by June 1st, 2018, please contact us at 1-844-817-0123.


Thank you again for your patients moving forward.

May you Walk Right.

We accept bitcoin donations.